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An Inside Story: @Home

When little people are dealing with big feelings, from big life changes … the mission of Paradise Kids is to be there. Providing a supportive community with specialised programs, resources, products and services that equip children through education and enhance their well-being to assist healing and growth.

With this in mind, we have created The Rainbow House @Home online program. This Online Grief and Loss Program for children who are unable to attend our group programs in person. Allowing your child to complete their grief work at home, at their own pace.

The Rainbow House @Home online program, hosted by Luke & Sophia Harrison is made up of six sessions utilising multi-media content to guide participants through the tasks of grief. This provides them with a safe space to process their grief and learn how to safely express their strong feelings without hurting themselves, hurting others or the furniture.

Our @Home Program is best accessed via a laptop or desktop computer. It also contains downloadable worksheets that will require printing for use.

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Meet your @Home hosts … Luke & Sophia Harrison

Brother and sister combo, Luke and Sophia Harrison are talented singers, performers, actors and students. Both are experienced ambassadors and are passionate about working with children in the community.

They are vibrant, fun, caring and believe in the support and well-being of kids so they can fulfil their purpose and reach their full potential in life. Luke and Sophia are excited to be working with the team at Paradise Kids Australia and The Rainbow House and the positive difference they can help make in the lives of children.

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