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Frequently Asked Questions

who is Paradise Kids Australia?

Paradise Kids Australia is the children’s educational division of the Rev. Dr Ian Mavor Foundation. We provide grief education and support for children and teens. Our specialised programs and resources focus on equipping children through education, enhancing their well-being and providing a supportive community to assist healing and growth.

We are not a counselling service, we do not assess, record or recommend clinical interventions. We deliver incredible psycho-educational programs to help children progress following a loss or life change. The tools and practices children assimilate from our programs will inform them with empowerment, resilience and coping strategies for what lies ahead.

what does the Paradise Kids offer?

For children, The Rainbow House offers Grief Explorers … a group program for children aged 7 to 11, held onsite at our Gold Coast location/s and a @Home Program that can be accessed as a online course.

For teens, we offer the Masterful Creators … a group program children aged 12 to 18, held onsite at our Gold Coast location/s.

For adults, Paradise Kids offers a concurrent group program for the parents and carers of children attending our Grief Explorers Group. We also hold several Grief Cafe events for the general public.

is it normal for my child to be getting so emotional?

While participating in one of our programs or accessing our resources, your child’s emotions might be stirred. Strong feelings are completely normal after a change of any kind. Our stories and resources illustrate this. We are about providing a safe place for these emotions to be expressed in ways that don’t cause harm … to self, others or the surroundings. Our programs and resources teach skills and demonstrate techniques for a child to learn and utilise when their emotions overwhelm in everyday life.

how are we funded?

We rely on the generosity of our donors and community partners. We solicit and accept donations to fund the services and provisions of Paradise Kids Australia and The Rainbow House @Home online program. In order to provide a service and/or product we must first raise the money to fund the creation of it. Purchasing a physical copy of a resource goes towards covering our costs to produce/print that resource.

The Rev. Dr Ian Mavor Foundation is a Public Benevolent Institution. We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Our charity number is 609 160 278. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

where does my donation go?

Donation Form: Paradise Kids Australia will endeavour to use your donation for the area of preference as indicated on your donation form. We do not guarantee that your donation will solely be used for that purpose. If your preference area has received enough funding, Paradise Kids Australia will allocate the funds where they are needed most.

Donation Add-On: Although not a requirement, users may choose to add on a donation when registering for one of our group programs. Use of the PAY WHAT YOU WANT option is considered to be including a general donation and not a fee for service.

Rainbow House Angels: Our Rainbow House Angels perform over the Christmas period raising much needed funds for Paradise Kids Australia. They perform for free in exchange for a agreed upon donation to Paradise Kids They also collect donations from the generous members of the public during their performances.

To book The Rainbow House Angels for your next Christmas event, please contact us.

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