be a hand to hold during the hard part of the journey.

Volunteer at Paradise Kids Australia

Paradise Kids Australia is putting a call out for our next and newest volunteers, to offer your time and loving presence in companioning local children and teens completing our peer supported grief programs. You will be trained and work alongside Australian palliative care pioneer, Deirdre Hanna and her dedicated team.

What is it we need your help with?

We need new enthusiastic volunteers as buddies for our Grief Explorers (children’s) program and a small support crew for our Masterful Creators (teen) program. These education and grief support programs are delivered over 5-6 weeks, 4 times each year, coinciding with school terms. We may also need occasional support for one-off events or workshops.

Comprehensive in-house training will be provided to all volunteers and potential buddies, prior to engaging with any of our participants or parents. Upcoming training will be prior to next group program intakes.

Paradise Kids Buddies are…




Empathetic listeners.

Non judgemental.

Energetic in body, mind and spirit.

Open to ongoing learning.

Have a current Working with Children blue card, or the ability to get one.

Able to commit time to at least one full program intake … providing consistency for the participants.

Prior study of, or general interest in mental health or grief, an advantage (but not essential).

Why Volunteer?

What is the personal value in volunteering?

  • Allows you to directly connect with the needs of our Gold Coast community.
  • You can be an integral part of something greater than yourself.
  • It shows you the value of connection to self and those around you.
  • Allows you the opportunity to put action to your values.
  • Creates new friendships and networks.
  • Allows you to witness, in person, the impact that care and connection has in the lives of children in our community.
  • Giving to others just feels good!

Volunteer Training

Deirdre Hanna

Delivery Date

Next Sessions to be advised. We will announce the information on this page and you will be notified directly.

Requirement: Current Blue Card

What is the professional value in volunteering?

For students, of any age, who are currently studying in the field of Human Services, or Child/Youth/Family and Community, there are many benefits if you choose to undertake local community volunteering. Employers like to see experience in the real world on your resume. Volunteering also helps you to develop a range of personal and professional skills which may highlight you as a valued employee.

Not all training or certification covers grief theory in depth, or offers practical application. There are limited opportunities at community level to work within the grief space and Paradise Kids Australia provides the invaluable opportunity to observe and support families with their grief experience. With a children’s program (ages 7 – 11 years); a teens program (ages 12 – 18 years); and a parents support group, student volunteers can see if they prefer to work with children or adults.

“Being a buddy for the children’s program, I have personally taken away so much of my own understanding. I didn’t expect that. The content is so relevant to everyone, children and adults, and I have learnt so much about my own grief along the way”. – 2022 Rainbow House Buddy

Yes, I want to be a volunteer…

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Paradise Kids Australia, please click here to find out more and submit your information.

Alternatively, you can send us an email

Who will you be working with?

Deirdre Hanna

Deirdre Hanna


Deirdre Hanna has over thirty years experience, working in the areas of chaplaincy, palliative care, grief counselling and education. Caring for both adults and children.

In 2019, Deirdre was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award attributed to her pioneering work for palliative care within Australia.

Deirdre trains our volunteers, hosts our Information Sessions and facilitates our onsite group programs.

Robyn More Group Leader

Robyn More


Robyn More has over 18 years experience facilitating children’s grief & loss groups with Paradise Kids and The Rainbow House.

Robyn is a loving wife, mother and grandmother who has an inspiring passion for helping children reach their full potential.

Through Robyn’s educational and mentoring initiatives she has helped thousands of children heal, recover, grow and succeed.

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