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Thank you for expressing interest in Volunteering with Paradise Kids Australia.

At Paradise Kids Australia it is our absolute priority to keep the young people in our care safe, healthy and at ease at all times, so all of our policies and information reflect this objective.

It is important that you read all the information provided.

1. Please click to read this document first. 2. Please fill out and submit the form below.

General Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers must provide PKA administration with their best contact phone number and email and regularly check for communication, to stay informed with updates.

All volunteers must provide evidence of a current Working with Children blue card prior to being on-site for any face-to-face programs with children or teenagers.
All volunteers are required to complete basic training and induction, either in a group or one to one, prior to taking on a buddy role.
Volunteer Availability is very important especially within our Support Programs as we use volunteers as 'Buddies' for the children. Each child's Buddy is expected to complete the 5 week program with their 'assigned child'. Can you commit to a 5 week program?
All volunteers must read and familiarise themselves with relevant PKA policies. (These will be provided to you prior to Training.)
Volunteers Handbook
Volunteers Terms and Conditions
Child Safety Policy
Workplace Health and Safety
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