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grief education & support for children & teens experiencing loss.

Education + Well-Being + Community = Healing

Paradise Kids Australia is the children’s educational division of the Rev. Dr Ian Mavor Foundation. We help children and teens experiencing loss from a death, illness, family separation or big life changes. Our specialised programs and resources focus on equipping young people through education, enhancing their well-being and providing a supportive community to assist healing and growth. Our founder, Deirdre Hanna and her team have over 25 years of experience helping children improve their emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

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Our team teaches how grief is a natural response to loss or change of any kind and how healing and growth can happen when a young person completes the tasks of grief. This includes … 1. gaining understanding and acceptance of the change, 2. feeling all the feelings associated with the change, 3. commemorating what is lost … and 4. moving on, developing a new sense of self that is stronger than before.

Our team believes in taking a holistic approach when dealing with the grief of a child or teen. We encourage techniques and activities that enhance their well-being, helping them to heal and move forward in life with confidence. Having the ability to be aware of and express their own feelings in healthy and creative ways and be better equipped to manage future change.

Our team demonstrates how each loss is unique to the individual yet they are not alone in their grief experience. We provide a peer-based, supportive space for children and teens to connect and learn, heal and grow.

Paradise Kids...built on a heritage of hope

Many years ago on the Gold Coast of Australia, a dream was born. Deirdre, an Anglican Chaplain met Ian, a Uniting Church Minister and they married. Together they created a legacy of Love that left our little corner of the world a better place. The reality of their dreams came in the form of Hopewell Hospice, the first ever hospice for the Gold Coast.

After seeing firsthand a need to help the children left behind dealing with the pain of grief and loss. Deirdre and Ian established Paradise Kids, with the inaugural kid’s grief groups being held in 1996. Throughout the years, thousands of people, in our own city and in far away places felt this overflowing well of loving service. Quality of life and compassionate care improved for those nearing the end of their life journey, their beloveds, and the grieving children.

Since that first Paradise Kids group, Deirdre’s passion to strengthen children’s emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and help them to grow into confident, caring and strong individuals has not waned.

Sadly, in 2015 Ian died. Deirdre established The Rev. Dr Ian Mavor Foundation in honour of her late husband. So the dream does not end there, Love remains evermore and his legacy lives. Children will continue to receive hope with our care and support. Just like rainbows brighten the heavens after storms have passed. This is part of the never ending story of Love.

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